Tips for Exhibiting

Read the schedule, including the rules carefully.  If anything is unclear, please contact the Show Secretary. Ensure that the entry form is complete and observe the deadline for entries.  Watch “old hands”, allow sufficient time for staging and above all, enjoy the day. Please remember that uniformity of items in your entry for a class is important. Make sure entries’ labels are placed correctly and that the number of exhibits is correct.

Novice classes are open to anyone who has not won a prize in the Penn and Tylers Green Village Show before in that group of classes.  An award will be given for the most points in the novice classes.

Use fresh clean flowers and foliage in suitable sized containers. Cut in the evening or early morning. Handle as little as possible and protect from draughts and bright sun. Remove lower leaves and immerse stems up to their necks in water until the last minute. On staging, trim off any damaged leaves or flowers, remove “bugs”. Do not exceed the maximum space allowed or exceed the number of stems specified.

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